About Us

Zott is a digital agency that offers a wide range of online solutions: UX Design, Web Design and Art Direction, Website and Intranet Development, App Development, e-Commerce, Online Security, Content Creation, and Website Migration and Updates.

Over 20 years experience

We've been doing web for more than 20 years. We know the importance of your online presence to attract new customers, generate interest, and close deals, as well as communicate effectively to both external and internal public. The presence on social networks is also an essential item of communication, and should be used securely and with discretion.

Zott has evolved with the Internet. Our solid roots, coupled with constant innovation, guarantee the ability to meet the most varied demands on web services. We offer a unparalleled cost effectiveness, and high quality of service and customer care. Maintaining customer satisfaction is paramount, and we always try to exceed expectations.


The business was started by Jonathan Magoga in 1996, as a tiny web business called Elektra Studio. Over the years, it has grown into a steady business. In 2003, Zott Online Agency was founded as a partnership between Jonathan Magoga and Fabiana Araujo, with focus on the artistic sector, serving clients such as the illusionist Issao Imamura, the aikido master Ricardo Leite and the Businkan Aikido Association, and the dancer and history researcher Angelica Rovida and the Ventre Repente Dance Association.

In 2009, with increased demand from mid to large business, Jonathan and Fabiana have decided to refocus on the corporate sector, establishing the company as an LTDA, and taking on big clients such as the Grupo Camargo CorrĂȘa, Sabesp, AES Eletropaulo, Nextel, Alpargatas, and many more. Ever since, Zott Online Agency has been a successful business, increasing its operations, and captivating clients all over the world.